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But when the cameras turn off, he’ll have to face his own personal struggles from dating to being a single dad. ’ is a ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’-style series, centered on the hyper-imagined real-life of Donny Deutsch,” said USA Network president Chris Mc Cumber in a statement.“The juxtaposition of how Donny portrays his public and personal life in this series is hilarious, and the storylines are a real wink for the viewers, showing that despite anyone’s profile or success, we all deal with the same issues,” he continued."You could always have a baby on your own," goes the popular refrain.

Research indicates that half of the latter group is simply waiting for Mr. This new fertility phenomenon, first blamed on career, now blamed on naiveté, is what has spurned a new trend in voluntary single motherhood.The day after the Today Show segment, I was having coffee with my friend "Jon," a 40-something divorced dad who does not date women who want to have a children, although he dates women with children already.He simply has no desire to become a father again himself.I reported that I felt frustrated by Donny's remark. My brother has children of his own to worry about...After all, how would I have a baby without back up? How could I earn a living and raise my baby - let alone be available for the baby?

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And the debonair Donny Deutsch, who fathered his last child at age 49, was telling single women what to do.

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