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If a third-party website has embedded Facebook products such as the 'like' button or a 'Facebook login' option or analytical services such as 'Facebook Analytics', data will be transmitted to Facebook via APIs the moment the user calls up that third party's website for the first time.These data can be merged with data from the user's Facebook account, even if the user has blocked web tracking in his browser or device settings.If you need to connect via serial you will see this line at the boot: Lina to use serial port /dev/tty S0 for console IO If you see that just edit the configuration of your node to change the console to telnet.If you want to able to use your terminal application instead of VNC you need to enable the serial console in the appliance.As if Facebook did not have enough problems in the EU, France's data protection agency has just ordered Whats App to stop sharing user data with its parent company, or face fines.

The authority holds the view that Facebook is abusing this dominant position by making the use of its social network conditional on its being allowed to limitlessly amass every kind of data generated by using third-party websites and merge it with the user's Facebook account.On account of the merging of the data, individual data gain a significance the user cannot foresee.Because of Facebook's market power users have no option to avoid the merging of their data, either.Depending of the image the console of the device could be serial or the graphical output of the VM.If the image display to the graphical output you need to connect using VNC. By default GNS3 appliance use the VNC output because it’s the most common case.

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In order to have an eth2 interface in the VM in the GNS3 VM settings in VMware (not in GNS3, the parameters of the VM in VMware) add a third network adapter with host only.

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