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Smooth (by Joey)Cockroach (by Dwayne)Stud Man (by Joey)Sexy Snake, Snake the Sexy Roofer (by Joey)Poor Snakey Wakey (by Wheels)Momma's Little Boy (by Wheels)Asshole (by Wheels)Mister media (class in season 1)The Snakester (by Emma)Mr. (by Jimmy and Craig)Uncle Archie (by Angela)The Notorious Snake (by Diane)Mr.Stanton (by Caroline Nash)Snakey (by Shane)Stepdaddy (by Johnny)Dad (by Spinner)Mr. Simpson (Mother)Glen Simpson (Brother)Christine Nelson (Wife)Jack Simpson (Son)Emma Nelson (Stepdaughter)Connor De Laurier (Godson)Spinner Mason (Stepson-in-Law)Rufus Eggers (Pet)Jessie (Aunt)Helen (Aunt) Archibald "Snake/Archie" Rupert Simpson is an alumnus of Degrassi Junior High School and Degrassi High School in the late 1980's and the early 1990's.He is also the only character in the entire series to be in every season, and is portrayed by Stefan Brogren.Snake is best friends with Joey Jeremiah and Derek "Wheels" Wheeler (portrayed by Pat Mastroianni & Neil Hope ) with whom he forms a band, The Zit Remedy (later, simply, the Zits); their only song is "Everybody Wants Something". The Zits convince their budding filmmaker classmate Lucy Fernandez (portrayed by Anais Granofsky ) to shoot a music video for their only song, "Everybody Wants Something" ("Breaking Up is Hard to Do", DH ep. 105) and Clutch to let them use his car as a prop (Id).

He also has an older brother, Glen Simpson, who came out to Archie as gay, which initially made Archie uncomfortable.

Also, Glen Simpson, Snake's brother, was played by Montgomery Randal. Snake attends the wedding of Joey to Julia Manning, a divorcé approximately six years their senior. The wedding likely occurs sometime on the order of three years after School's Out (based upon the age of their daughter, Angela Jeremiah). The two hug and Caitlin mentions that Snake is now a teacher at Degrassi.

Among the other attendees are Spike, her young daughter Emma, and Julia's young son Craig Manning ("White Wedding (1)", DNG ep. He remains acquainted with Spike over the years (judging by the interaction and familiarity between the two in "Mother and Child Reunion", DNG eps. He does not, however, see Emma for several years, such that neither will know each other days before she enters grade 7. Snake receives a teaching appointment at his Alma mater which, at some point, is reconfigured to educate students in grades 7-12 and redesignated Degrassi Community School. The two talk about memories of Joey, as he pulls into the school with Lucy.

When Wheels is mentioned, Snake still expresses his disdain towards him and mentioned how he killed a kid and got out 10 years later scot-free.

When Joey leaves to sit alone at the bar, Snake follows him and reminds him that sulking and cutting off his friends will not bring Julia back.

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