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She dumps him when she finds him having Skype sex with another woman, a virtual affair he’s been carrying on for months.Bell’s husband treats her like a nanny, a means to a meal and a clean house, calling in a panic after being left to tend to the children for a short amount of time. And we never see the partners of the PTA moms – they’re too busy, it’s implied, running boards, buying and selling stocks and mile-highing on the company jet. A movie about moms, made for moms, relegates fathers to backseat roles and relishes in how little they actually get about parenting. What rankles me is that, once again, the topic of the suffocating pressure of parenthood is the exclusive domain of women.

Funny enough, it’s on this point — the treatment of dads in the movie — that it feels evident that the script was written by two men.

I conclude that for peacebuilding to be real and meaningful, Canadian governments must transform rhetoric into reality and vigorously protect (rather than resist) Indigenous rights through law. She works in the areas of contemporary Canadian women’s literature, feminist literary theory, and Indigenous women’s writing; trauma and testimony studies; global and Indigenous feminisms.

She is currently co-editing (with Wendy Pearson, Ernie Blackmore and Renée E.

The portrayal of one group, for me, however, was a total misfire: the Bad Dads.

Kunis’s husband is the typical doofus dad, an oversized child with no impulse control.

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When Ri Ri first stepped out on the scene in the early 2000s wearing low-slung baggy jeans paired with bar tops, I would have bet money that this Barbadian princess wouldn’t wind up gaining international high-fashion style cred, ruling best-dressed lists and winning the Fashion Icon Award from the Council of Fashion Designers of America.

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