Arab women dating white men

​ It may all seem like a tiresome and costly sacrifice, but according to her, this is a price she is willing to pay to get the man of her dreams.Whether she bags a white man or not, only time will tell.And to ensure she attracts mzungus, she has adopted a different lifestyle.First, she wants to be skinnier and thus has joined a gym, this from someone who once claimed she was allergic to working out.

Tales have been told of many other women who want nothing to do with Kenyan men.

Secondly, she is now into long straight weaves, and puts on make up 24/7.

Sasha also no longer hangs out in places where commoners like myself frequent; she hangs out in up market establishments; a ploy she says increases her chances of meeting white boyfriends.

Some Kenyan women will do anything humanly possible to date a mzungu.

Some have no qualms dating or even marrying white men the age of their grandfathers.

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“My husband,” I replied after a while, snapping out of savouring my first-ever snorkelling session.

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