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Raised by maternal grandparents, Long attended New York City, New York’s Juilliard School of Music.

While a teenager, she married Clement Hall, who died in 1920s. Hall’s early career was in singing and choir directing.

Antoine was born in New Orleans to a Black father who fought the British as an American soldier at the Battle of New Orleans (1815), and to a West Indian mother.

In his late teens and early twenties, Mosley went through a long-haired "hippie" stage where he traveled from Santa Cruz, California to Europe and back.

Enrique Uribe White, Padilla: homenaje de la Armada Colombiana al héroe de la Batalla del Lago de Maracaibo (Bogotá: Litografía de las Fuerzas Militares, 1973); Carlos Delgado Nieto, Maza y Padilla: dos héroes colombianos (Bogotá: Espiral, 1964); “José Prudencio Padilla,” Kenneth Porter, The Black Seminoles: History of a Freedom-Seeking People (Gainesville, FL: University of Florida Press, 1996); Kevin Mulroy, The Seminole Freedmen: A History. Johnson, "Tracing Trails of Blood on Ice: Commemorating ‘The Great Escape in 1861-62 of Indians and Blacks into Kansas,'" Negro History Bulletin, 64: No. Juanita Long Hall, a 20th Century actor and singer, was born in Keyport, New Jersey on Nov.

6, 1901 to an African-American father, Abram Long, and an Irish American mother, Mary Richardson.

Born March 19, 1784 in the northern coastal territory of La Guajira, Colombia, José Padilla is recognized as one of the first South American-born naval commanders, a founder of the Colombian navy, and a hero in the Latin American wars of independence and the Afro-Hispanic struggle for freedom.

Padilla was the son of Andres Padilla, a man of African descent whose ancestors had been enslaved. Padilla’s mother was Lucia Josefa Lopez, an Amerindian (Wayuu) woman.

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